If you have the habit of drinking beer, then it’s good. But if you do not drink then you may get surprise when you hear that there are many benefit of beer in human health. In the recently done research at US it was found that the risk of having kidney stone is very much less in the people who have beer than the people who do not have it. Here are some of the benefits of the beer discussed below:

1. Drinking little beer regularly is considered good for the health. Well everyone know that the high level of alcohol in the body create different types of problem in the body. But studies have shown drinking beer at the limited order can be beneficial to the health.
2. Beer as natural as milk and juice. They do not have any unnatural component on them. It has alcohol and herbs which are both natural. The way bread are made is the same way the beer are prepared.
3. Beer have high amount of fibre in it which help to keep the digestive system of our body healthy. Also it provide you the energy before doing and heavy work.
4. Drinking beer regularly do not let the body get dehydrate. Food Department of US has already considered beer as the alternative drink for water. Drinking beer at the daytime rise the water level in the body at once.
5. Beer keep you away from your stress. It made positive effect to your health and make you feel light literally. You feel fresh when you drink beer with the friends.
6. Beer have abundant amount of vitamin B in it. Vitamin B and folic acid reduce the risk of having problems of heart.
7. The method of preparing beer is very effective. Its packing is also done safely. Due to its treatment process it is safe food material. Beer has been considered as safe beverage than water.
8. It suitable to drink beer than vitamins, according to the recently done research. It reduce the heart diseases and risk of heart attack by 24.7%
9. there is relation between beer and health. The component found in the beer help to fight against cancer. In German people drink beer to get prevented from cancer.
10. The University of London had done a research last year which reviled that drinking beer let to increase the fat of the body. The researchers said that Beer increase the digestive capacity of the body which increase the hunger.